Currently, I am working in these research and development projects

MediaRoboLit 65+ Media and robot literacies of people over 65 years of age. Academy of Finland, 2023-2027.

GeroDigiLead. Leading the digital change in elderly care. European Social Fund, 2023-2026.

Past projects

VideoPeda+ (1-10/2023) Video competencies to strenghten higher education pedagogy in Lapland. European Socian Fund, REACT.

Odigo (2021-2023) The Skillful Tutors of Adults' and Aging Population's Digital Competences to Lapland. European Social Fund.

AI in Learning (2020-2021) Developing simulation- and game-based learning through artificial intelligence. The project is funded by Business Finland.

HARKKA (2018-2021) Developing the pedagogical practices and learning environments of practical training in health care education in higher education sector. European Social Fund.

OpenBio (2018-6/2021) Developing learning environments for forest bioeconomy education. Finnish Ministry of Culture and Education.

IkäihMe (2018-2/2021) Developing teacher education of adult educators - targeting older people's media education. Finnish Ministry of Culture and Education

CRICS (2016-2018) Business Finland, Airbus Defence & Space Ltd., TetraSim Ltd., Mentura Ltd., Lapland Hospital District, Rovaniemi Municipality.

LOVO (2016-2018) European Social Fund

MediPro (2012-2014) Business Finland

TravEd (2010-2013) Business Finland, European Regional Fund

MobIT (2007-2009) Finnish Ministry of Education

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