I have been teaching at the university since 2003. I have always been passionate about teaching my courses and developing them through research; reflecting the work I have done in several research projects. I think that combining teaching and research has been the most motivating thing for me in my work. 

Even though the research projects that I have worked on and the courses that I have taught in have all been focused on the pedagogical use of digital technologies or on media in peoples lives, my focus has been on the people using media, devices or applications, not so much on the gadgets themselves. I see students as active agents of their own learning processes and I am always looking for ways to personalize learning paths for my students. Through several research projects I have been able to develop learning processes for learners outside of institutional education, for example in workplaces and voluntary work.

My main teaching responsibilities at the moment are focused on teacher education, more precisely on teachers' pedagogical studies. I am responsible of the curriculum and of developing the contents and pedagogical methods. After graduating, my students will work on secondary and higher education levels. Here as well, my research plays a big role in developing the curriculum of teachers' pedagogical studies.

In February 2020, The Student Union of the University of Lapland awarded me the Teacher of the Year prize.